Who we are

Chiswick Creatives is an informal collective of like-minded creatives from a range of disciplines who live and work in Chiswick and the surrounding area.

The group was founded by Chiswick resident Marina Linehan who left a career in interior design and subsequently started her own creative business. Despite loving the freedom and creative excitement of her new life, she also felt isolated. A search for local craft or creative groups to join drew a blank, so Marina decided to create her own local community of makers and artists.

You can read the full story of the first ever Chiswick Creatives meet-up over on the blog on Marina’s website, where you’ll also find her colourful, contemporary needlepoint kits. Spoiler alert: despite Marina’s misgivings – and a snowstorm – local fellow creatives did turn up to the first get-together. Their number included Jill Hunter of Woven in Words who, they discovered, turned out to be a close neighbour of Marina. The two of them, along with Charlotte Berridge of Charlotte Berridge Studio, have since taken Chiswick Creatives from strength to strength.

What we do

The aim of our collective is to support each other in growing our respective creative businesses. We share knowledge and provide encouragement as well as accountability when requested. Equally importantly, the group is a friendly and social creative community that combats the isolation of the self-employed creative.

We all possess shared values about the quality of our work and creating original designs, and are enthusiastic supporters of other small and local businesses. The Chiswick Creatives motto is “Together we can do more” as we know that we can accomplish so much more as a group than by going it alone.

The Chiswick Creatives collective has also organised two successful Pop-Up Christmas Makers’ Markets, out of which evolved a regular core organising team. And most recently we have gone online with this website – our blog post about Chiswick Creatives Online tells more about what we hope to achieve with this project.

Support us

You can find out more about all our artists and makers in the Makers’ Marketplace, along with a showcase of our current work and links to our online shops.

Obviously we love it when you buy our work!  But there are lots of other ways to support small, creative businesses that don’t cost a penny. We’re vocal supporters of the JUST A CARD campaign which “encourages people to support, value and buy from artists, makers, independent shops and small businesses”. Read more about JUST A CARD on our blog to discover the many ways you can support small creative businesses.

Can we ask for your help? If you have any friends or family you think would be interested in our work, we’d be so pleased if you would let them know about Chiswick Creatives Online. We’re firmly rooted in the West London community, but also very excited that going online brings us a wider audience for our work. 

Join us

Due to the Covid-19 situation we’re currently taking a break from our regular monthly meet-up’s in Chiswick, which are open to all local artists and makers.

However, the core Chiswick Creatives team has been working away behind the scenes to create this online “home” for Chiswick Creatives. We’re doing all the work ourselves, in addition to running our creative businesses, and therefore neeed to keep the project small and simple for the launch. If things go well we hope to expand the number of creatives featured on the website in the future. And, obviously, we can’t wait for our face-to-face meet-ups to resume when it’s safe.

In the meantime, you can follow us on social media and connect with us there.

Keep in touch

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