Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without…

When it comes to Christmas, everyone has their own way of celebrating.  So in the spirit of the festive season, we asked the Chiswick Creatives makers what traditions make Christmas special for them…

Angela of Sticky Toffee Chic

Every year on the first weekend of December I step out with the dog, carrying a large bag and a pair of secateurs. Together we pound my neighbouring streets, stopping every few minutes for me to snip off some choice greenery overhanging the pavements. Bits of holly (full of beautiful red berries this year!), laurel, ivy, ferns, elderflower – whatever I can find. I call it Urban Foraging!

Whilst I am gone, a large green florist’s oasis lies soaking in the bath. When we return it’s time to make my Christmas wreath for the front door. I get myself a cup of tea, a mince pie and put some festive tunes on while I snip, strip, prod and push the greenery into the oasis. Finally, a wreath emerges triumphantly from the kitchen floor!

Juliet of Juliet Strong Jewellery

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without cold windy walks on the beach in South Devon – nothing beats looking out to sea and the sound of crashing waves. We always make the trip at some point over the Christmas period to visit family and the beaches are perfect for games – the dogs love it too!

Amy of Fairly Amy

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without starting the day in the hot tub!

My parents have a hot tub in their garden, and so it’s been tradition for many many years to start the day with Prosecco or cava in the hot tub. Bubbles, with bubbles, without eating breakfast first mean you tend to end up quite tipsy pretty quickly and the rest of the day passes in a lovely happy blur!

Jill of Jill Meager, Wildlife Artist

Jill Meager with Puffin Christmas Card for InterAct Stroke Support
Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without….cards.  This little Puffin is my 2020 design for the charity InterAct Stroke Support and you can buy the cards direct from their website.

Helen of Aqua Handmade Books

Christmas Biscotti on white plate

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Fruity Christmas Biscotti.  My sister-in-law, who is brilliant at finding new recipes, introduced me to these spicy, crunchy festive treats.  I make at least two batches every December, some to be given away as gifts and the rest to be our traditional, festive coffee-time or after dinner treat.  They’re easy to make and fill the house with a delicious aroma of cinammon and spice. You can easily adapt them to your own taste too – here’s the recipe: Fruity Christmas Biscotti.

Marina of Marina’s Home

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without nut roast!

I’ve been a vegetarian (well, pescatarian) since I was 17. Each Christmas, when everyone else is tucking into turkey and pigs-in-blankets, it’s really nice to feel that you’re not missing out.

My mum always made me a nut roast at Christmas and it was absolutely delicious. A few years ago she wrote down the recipe for me and, since then, I’ve carried on the tradition.

The great thing is that it’s really simple to make – just blitzing all the ingredients together and putting the mixture into a loaf tin, ready for the oven.  The quantities are measured out by eye and never at all accurate, but the finished product always ends up tasting gorgeous. It’s also really healthy, so a complete win-win!

Charlotte of Charlotte Berridge Studio

Snowball in cocktail glass with mince pies and christmas tree in background
Snowballs & mince pies

Zoe of Angle Glass

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a Christmas wreath. This year, for the first time, I made my own at a workshop run by Louise Dutfield of ‘Flowers by Louise’. What a treat of an evening! The lovely location, leather sofas, log fires, mulled wine, delicious pizzas and Christmas music all created a wonderful, relaxed Christmas atmosphere.

We each had our own wreath kit and Louise demonstrated each stage of the process. I came home smiling from ear-to-ear, enjoying the smell of wood smoke on my clothes, and feeling that I’d had a real taste of Christmas. I carried my wreath with pride.

Louise is running more workshops this weekend, you can find the details at Flowers By Louise.

Jill of Woven in Words


Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a tree from Wheelers Garden Centre in Chiswick.  I look forward to the annual, festive ritual of going to choose my tree – they always have a great selection of fantastic quality trees as well as a beautiful grotto of Christmas decorations.

I love my Christmas tree. He is always a ‘He’ and I talk to him as I decorate. I can be quite fussy when choosing my tree but this year it was the first one I saw – Giles knows what he is doing!

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